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New Products and Bestsellers - Charts , DVDs and Photos

 1.Acupressure Finger  Massagers

    Suggested Retail : $4.50- $5.00  

2. Vedic  Planetary Gemstone Kits

      Price : $180 each 

      - Available with a  consultation or mail order only.


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3. Universal Dowsing Chart

©2010, 2nd Edition by Raoul Bedi

(Partial view only, colour may differ from

photo below ).

Suggested Retail : $10

ISBN # : 9780973748932

4. Vedic Dowsing Chart

(© 2016, First Edition, Raoul Bedi)

by Raoul Bedi, BASc

(Partial View Only) 

       ISBN # : 9781926993072