Vedic Harmony Center

About Us

 We believe that the advances of technology are wondrous and amazing . But we feel that they have lunged ahead at the expense of the human and other biological organisms. It is time to integrate multidimensional and cocreational thinking when designing new inventions. These new inventions and creations must strive to  harmonize at the  physical, emotional , astral , mental , causal and even soul level . And there may be other sub-levels in between those just mentioned.

This is an ongoing and unlimited work that could almost be considered overwhelming . However we have to start somewhere.

We are committed to assisting artists, authors and inventors to make available the most leading edge products, services, concepts and ideas, whether through education, promotion or direct marketing. We also make extra efforts to promote  local creative work , talent , books and inventions .

Lastly, we have, from time to time , had the privilege of bringing our own unique products , ideas and services to market. And we wish to take this opportunity to thank all those who have joyfully given of their time , energy and money to support us in all these multitudinous endeavours.

 About :       Local Food Advocate Raoul Bedi is a founding member of CCRMAG –The Canadian Consumer Raw Milk Advocacy Group .  He has worked in the field of educational seminars and products with a focus on Nutrition and Health for 25 years. Over the past 5 years he has been actively involved in educational and fundraising initiatives and campaigns for Farmer’s Rights and Food Security in Canada and the US. He is also an administrator for the  “Canadian Raw Dairy Consumer Advocacy“ Facebook research and blog pages. Raoul can be reached directly at .His company, Vedic Harmony Centre, sponsors a variety of Health and Wellness events, radio interviews about Conscious Living and Green Solutions. Vedic Harmony Centre’s website for educational materials and products is