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Part II Interview with Vernon Hershberger

Posted by biofield on March 7, 2012 at 1:35 AM

Interview with Vernon Hershberger ,

Part II - “Politics and Activism “

by Raoul Bedi of the Vedic Harmony Centre (

In the first interview published last week we focused briefly on Vernon’s background but mainly on his “Sources of inspiration and role models “. The same day the interview was published it mentioned a new donations website (details at the end of the interview) which was coincidentally launched to not only help Vernon with his legal expenses but also to charitably support his family through these challenging times . Thanks to the generous support of THE BOVINE and its readers , the readers of Kimberley Hartke’s wonderful blog, , and a few others , the amount pledged has already reached $2401 from 62 different individuals/organizations as of Tuesday, March 6, 2012 .

C: Politics and Law



Photo : Vernon Hershberger shown signing the Declaration of Food Independence on March 2, 2012 .

1. Question: To help provide a geographical context to our readers : Wisconsin is the only Great Lakes State (on the US side) to ban legal Raw Milk sales . Of the 20 neighbouring states only IOWA has similar requirements. With regards to the raw milk accessibility question why is there a disproportionate level of regulatory inflexibility, intolerance and overall harshness in the state of Wisconsin ?

Vernon Hershberger : The way it appears to me is that Wisconsin has such a strong dairy industry who in turn have lobbyists to control the markets and to keep any other laws out of the books. Also it appears that the State agencies are accepting funds from the FDA to aid them in shutting down the local foods movements.

b) Question: What exactly does it mean when they say the "Wisconsin Government allows INCIDENTAL raw milk sales ? " - either they allow it or they do not ?

Vernon: That law as I understand was implemented in 1957 with an allowance of “incidental sales”. The Wisconsin Agriculture Department has continually been changing the definition of incidental sales. The definition that they are going with at this time is: A once a year sale of a gallon or two of milk to a specific person that was not advertised. We feel the definition at the time of the (original) implemention of the law was a lot broader in it's interpretation. I am very positive that back in 1957 they (the Wisconsin government ) would have had a very big problem on their hands had they enforced the law so strictly.

The definition should more clearly be defined so as to allow sales to private individuals. The (overall dairy) license would allow sales to the licensed processing plants and the incidental sales clause would take care of sales to individuals.

2a) Question: Are you working with a lawyer or defending yourself?

Vernon : No .

2.b) Question : Would you except legal assistance if it was sponsored or “donated” by a friendly group or organization ?

I would be very skeptical due to the fact that any lawyer, regardless of how good a person he/she actually is, has a great difficulty to (properly) argue (for) the constitution since they are licensed by the BAR Association.

3. Question : Realistically speaking , what would you like to see happen on the Wisconsin State government side with regard to your situation and the overall raw milk accessibility issue

i) Short Term i.e In the coming year :

Vernon: That the farmers and the local food movement be left alone.

ii) Medium Term i.e 2-6 years :

V: That the state agencies move back to implementing the constitution and are subject to the oath of office that they are required to take

iii) Long Term 6 years plus:

Vernon: Similar to (ii)

b) Question : Some of my colleagues with herdshares in Canada have expressed to me that they are not interested to see retail raw milk sales in regular supermarkets. They are content to work for “Grass-fed” raw milk to be available either through Buying Clubs, Herdshares , Farmgate Sales, and perhaps Raw Milk Vending machines (like in Europe) . What is your opinion or preference in this matter ?

My opinion is very similar to that of your (Canadian) colleagues in that I would prefer to keep it simple and just have it regulated by and for the people. We do not need a lot more laws in place. Let the people decide for themselves if they want to drink raw milk or not, let them decide for themselves which farm they would like to get it from, and from there the market will take care of itself.

c) Question: Of the many US states you are aware of which states have the healthiest and most supportive regulatory framework to support your situation with a buying club or small herdshares ?

Even though some States have more lenient laws than we have here in Wisconsin , I know of no State in which it is truly open to the people as it should be in accordance with the constitution.

D:Activism and Advocacy

1.Question : Do you get the sense that people regard your case as important for the raw milk movement as a whole? Why do you think people are rallying behind you more so than behind Dan Allgyer?

The reason that this case is so important is due to the fact that so many small farmers have been taken down over the last 10 years. Therefore it is very important for people to finally stop this heavy handed action by the FDA and it’s allies or there won’t be any good food left in the country in the next few years.

2. Question: How do you feel about the current groundswell of support? Perhaps you can mention a few of the key people or organizations that have supported you already through this chapter of the resistance ?

The support that we have been getting has been phenomenal in the sense of people standing up to protect the food that they so desperately need. The key people in this support have been our (Buying Club) Members followed by the Food Freedom Riders, the Weston A Price Foundation, among many others including Sheriff Richard Mack from Texas , a man who is running for Congress even as we speak.

b) Question : There has been some debate in Canada about whether it is more advisable for a raw dairy farmer to work in a low key manner and remain “underground” so to speak or to go “public” about what they are doing and hope that the court of public opinion will carry them through . What are your thoughts on this challenging question ?

I believe very strongly in the philosophy of pulling together rather than pulling apart from each other just because some of our ideas conflict. We will get a lot more accomplished if we do not try to put down other peoples’ causes in order to make our cause rise to the top (and seem better ) . In that sense we could even stand side by side with the people who wish to pasteurize their milk before they drink it . We do not have to be trying to strangle each other !

3. Question: You made the wise statement “United We Stand , Divided We Fall” . What can we , the public , do to support your work and peaceful protest even better ? Where are we still falling short ?

I can not think of any place that the people are falling short at this time. If everybody keeps on going like this there is no doubt that we will come out on top even though it might not look that way with our physical eyes. As I stated at my first court appearance, this case was already won 2000 years ago and there are certain steps that we will have to go through until the truth can come out on top again. Let us not forget the sacrifice that it took 2000 years ago for the truth to come out on top. We have to be willing to make a sacrifice if we want to win using non-violent resistance (methods).


a) Question: What is your concluding message to Canadians and “THE BOVINE “ readers ?

“ Eph 6:10 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his

might. “

b) Question: What is your website ? And how do we send donations for your legal expenses ?

We do not have a website, but if you want to encourage donations you can as Kimberly Hartke has just set up an online donation site (details below). Vernon.

Donations : There are several ways to financially support Vernon Hershberger, his family and their courageous quest to protect our Food Freedoms .

1. Online pledges and donations for legal expenses can be made at : . Title : 'Help Vernon Hershberger Standup for Private Contract Rights ' .

2. You can send also a cheque ,made payable to “Vernon Hershberger” , to his mailing address : S. 6145 Hwy. 23, Loganville, Wisconsin 53943, USA .


Interview with Vernon Hershberger - Part 1

Posted by biofield on February 29, 2012 at 5:40 PM

Interview with Vernon Hershberger –

Part I – Family Roots, Inspiration and Role Models

By  Raoul Bedi of the Vedic Harmony Centre(

Facebook: “Canadian Raw Dairy Consumer Advocacy “



Over the past week I interviewed Vernon Hershberger by phone and e-mail .Despite his multitudinous commitments , including raising 9 children (with one on the way ! ) , regular farm work, and preparations formassive rallies and court appearances, Vernon was very warm ,forthcoming and present in his responses and attention to detail.

Thanks also to “THE BOVINE “ editor for forwarding some of the questions and for reprinting the interview in it's entirety here.



A: Background Info and Family History



1.Question: Did you always drink raw milk? Why did you first start drinking rawmilk?

Yes ,I have drunk raw milk all of my life. I grew up on a small dairy farm in the heart of Amish country in Holmes County, Ohio. My Dad milked 15 to 20 cows by hand and farmed organically even though at that time it was not the 'going thing' and you could not get a premium price for your products.

2. Question :Tell us the story of your farm and how it led to you supplying people with raw milk? How did you decide to provide raw milk to other people?

We moved out of Ohio in 1998 due mostly to the pressure of urban development around the Amish community which caused land prices to skyrocket to up to $50,000 per acre . We decided to try organic farming in Wisconsin. We bought a conventional farm and got it certified as organic in 2001. We started shipping milk to a Certified Organic processor also in 2001. In the latter part of the year 2002 we had a few friends from our local town who wanted to acquire some milk from our bulk tank for their families. From there it grew rapidly by word of mouth to over 100 families in the next 3 years.


B:Inspiration and Role Models

3.a) Question: You refer to the bible in your decision to breach the terms of your release. Could you say something about your religious affiliation, your contemplative life, and the role all that plays in yourstrong determination to go through with the civil disobedience of continuing to supply raw milk to the families who depend on it? What other ideals guide you in this phase of your life journey ?


In reply Vernon sent his famous statement made in Wisconsin court:

'I cannot in good conscience tell the 100+ families who own the food anddepend on it to feed their families, that they can no longer get food to feed their families. The Almighty God has spoken and I cannot do otherwise. God’s word in the Bible states in 1 John 3:16-18, "Hereby perceive we the Love of God, because he laid down his life for us, and we ought to lay down our lives for the Brethren. But whoso has this world’s good, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him, how dwelleth the Loveof God in him? My little children, let us not love in Word, neitherin tongue, but in deed and in truth."

Your honor, I have spent many sleepless hours since signing the bond due to my conscience being plagued by the thought of shutting up my bowels of compassion to my Brethren who are dependent on the food that is provided by and for them on our farm.To most of them it is not merely a matter of preference but much more a matter of life or death! If the owners of the food cannot eat their own food, aren't we living in a communist state? If our farm stopped feeding it's owner-families, there will be literally hundreds of children who willsuffer malnutrition and even starvation. Your honor, I would much rather spend the rest of my life behind bars or even die than to befound guilty of such a gross sin before the Almighty God. Col3:6, quote, "For which things' sake the wrath of God cometh onthe children of disobedience”.' (End quote . )


Videoclip on Pledgie site of Sheriff serving Vernon with a court summons

(photoby Raoul Bedi)





b)Question: Do you harbour any ill feelings towards any particular Wisconsin state government officials ? Or do you see the challenge you and your family currently face in a larger context ?

We do not believe in harboring ill feelings towards any other human being. We believe much more in Biblical principles such as: Pro25:22 “For thou shalt heap 'coals of fire'upon his head, and the LORD shall reward thee.

Mat5:44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which spitefully use you, and persecute you.”

And most of all the Golden Rule which is this: “Luk6:31 And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to themlikewise."

There is nothing that I would rather do than to have everyone come out to the farm for a meal and a visit including the prosecutors or anyone else that is threatening us in any way.




a) Question: Your situation seems similar to Durham , Ontario farmer Michael Schmidt . How is it the same ? How is it different ?

Our situation is very much the same in that our beliefs are similar in how we approach situations like this. We both come from a German and a Christian background.

It is different in that America has a Constitution that actually protects us in areas like this but the way I understand it is that Canada is not set up that way.


b)I) Question: You said somewhere that Michael Schmidt's example had been an inspirationto you. Tell us about that.

He has been a big inspiration to me in the way he faces difficultiessuch as this i.e His faith in God, his non-violent resistance, andhis love for his enemies.

ii)Question : Who or what else has been an inspiration or role model to you in your work and struggle ?

I have studied the life of Mahatma Gandhi (Indian social visionary ) alot and have also been inspired by his integrity and faith in God.

c)Question :Do you have any advice or inspiration for young farmers aspiring tooperate a raw dairy in Canada (under similar prohibitory restrictionsthat you have faced)?

Let’ look up to only Michael Schmidt or any person as the source ofthe power behind this movement. But let us keep our focus on  the Lord , our Creator, where all good things come from. We are all justhumans and are bound to stumble and fall. I have seen many a strongman fall. So if we put our focus on a man we will fall with him but if we have our focus on the Lord we can help each other stand upagain and keep going.





The New Pledgie website for making donations for Vernon's legal expenses

(Photo by Raoul Bedi)



Donations: There are several ways to financially support Vernon Hershberger and his quest to protect our Food Freedoms .

1. Online pledges and donations for legal expenses can be made at : . Title : 'Help Vernon Hershberger Standup for Private Contract Rights ' .

2. You can send also a cheque ,made payable to “Vernon Hershberger” , to his mailing address : S. 6145 Hwy. 23, Loganville, Wisconsin 53943, USA .



Posted by biofield on February 17, 2012 at 6:05 PM

NEW Homegrown  Raw Milk Survey

Article by Raoul Bedi of the Vedic Harmony Centre ( )

Rob Bright has graciously offered to donate time and expertise to develop the first of a number of Raw Milk Surveys using SurveyMonkey .

Raoul Bedi , Margo McIntosh,  Cedar Bradley , Nadine Ijaz and others, have also contributed to the Survey development and Question formulation . . Here is some background information about the Origin of the Idea, Purpose and also the survey link. It is a great honour to have the BOVINE publish the first "Made in Canada" raw milk survey as well . All of the donated work has been achieved by networking over the internet . Most of us have never even spoken to each other by phone or in person !!!


Here is the survey link. It has only 10 questions to start with :

Expiry Date : March 3, 2012

Survey Question photo about supplier choices (@ Feb.17,2012 Photo by Raoul Bedi)

Background Information


I interviewed Rob Bright and this is a synopsis of what he said is some of the purposes of the survey .

I Origin Of Idea:

1) Ongoing discussions with the Canadian Raw Dairy Consumer Advocacy WorkGroup (founded by Margo McIntosh ) and the CSC (founded by Michael Schmidt ) point to the need to collect data around issues of raw milk knowledge/ need for education, issues of availability, safety/health and others relating to the raw milk debate finally in a more systematic and grassroots manner .

2)The CSC has a desire to better understand the experiences and knowledge of members on the subject of raw milk so as to help with current and ongoing public/member education on raw milk and also to collect information on raw milk consumption and the demand for raw milk to inform government and government policy on raw milk.


II Purpose of Survey: See above (origin of idea) To try to better understand issues surrounding the production, delivery and consumption of raw milk in terms of safety, availability, consumer demand and consumer knowledge/education about raw milk.



II Areas of Feedback: As this is the first of a series of many more surveys, virtually any and all feedback would be appreciated (appropriateness of questions, alternative questions, questions that should be asked but are not yet included in the survey, questions that have been included but perhaps should not be included.) You may post the feedback in the comments column of THE BOVINE . We are also working on a new facebook page for Canadian Raw Dairy Consumers ( ; ) . Stay tuned .

                         Survey Question about Variety and Frequencies of Milk Choices(Photo by Raoul Bedi )

Note: This survey is in its preliminary stage . It is short/concise enough that readers will not feel discouraged or disinclined to participate, yet needs to collect enough information to be useful to the CSC and "The Canadian Raw Dairy Consumer Advocacy " WorkGroup for the purposes of better understanding its members’ needs and desires regarding access to raw milk, consumer education , and consumer knowledge about raw milk. To that end it should take about 5 minutes to fill out and send .

CONSENSOCRACY: New Intention/Word to Supercharge Politics ?

Posted by biofield on January 28, 2012 at 2:05 PM

I believe the word "Democracy" is ,how shall i say "tainted" . What would be a better word to use ? I agree about barter and BALLE and support both . What is the opposite of Globalism ? Is it Socialism ? How about the new word "CONSENSOCRACY" ? I hereby release this word as a 'shareware' but retain all rights and privileges so that some entity does not twist and misrepresent my original intent and meaning in creating this word. Consensus has several components : fully and freely informing the people about the possibilities and then fully and freely obtaining the consent of the people about which possibilities to implement .

Published on Facebook by Raoul Bedi  : January 28, 2012


Using Social Media to Assist a Society and Members

Posted by biofield on January 11, 2012 at 5:25 PM

There are , however , some general principles that guide us :


1. Everyone has gifts to share . How can we facilitate this sharing ?

2. There is always something more to learn.

3. Change is inevitable so it is better to embrace it than to have it forced upon us.

4. We grow mostly through communication, interaction and networking with others. How can we increase those growth opportunities for people within the charitable society and without ?

5. On the informational side, knowledge is power . How can we make that knowledge as easy and accessible as possible for people.


6. People's opinion and feedback are very important in the creative process . I thank each and everyone of you for participating even if it is ONLY by taking the time to read this blog and contemplate what it is really trying to say !!!!!


7. Lastly , I trust the group mind to make the best of this humble creative process that we have initiated. I love and trust the creative process in and of itself.


8. Practically , I don't worry if any of the ideas will be implemented within the society  within the next year . It is more important that they feel right in the hearts of the majority right ?

Many of us have the gift of vision and foresight. If you were to look in a crystal ball 5 years down the road one could safely predict that social media will become even easier to use and yet information collected will be more organized .

Who knows if this society and/or the social media it uses  will exist in 5 years or not ? It would perhaps be funny to reread this blog in 5 years in light of all the exponential changes that are happening EVERY DAY !

Principles of Food Activism

Posted by biofield on December 31, 2011 at 11:10 AM

December 31, 2011 at 1:09 pm

Posted on THE BOVINE

By Raoul Bedi

Many of the principles of any kind of Food Activism and Security are really quite simple:

1. The Food should be as nutritious as possible

2. The Food should be as pure as possible.

3. The Food should have as much life force as possible (without compromising safety).

4. The food should be as inexpensive and accessible as possible (without compromising right livelihood principles for the farmers and labourers and distributors or anyone else in the food marketing and distribution chain ) .

In a perfect world the above 4 principles should be our primary focus and joy. How to do that and how to teach others to look for that and to do that ?


Anything else is a “sideshow” that keeps people sick with a lot of low quality food or “look-alike food ” that only serves the convenience and profit of big business and big government.

Since billions of dollars are riding on the issue , one of the techniques the other side uses is to confuse the issue as much as possible with a lot of junk science and bad information and negative PR. If that does not work there is always expensive regulation. And if that does not work there is always the “fear card ” !

To me , one of the unfortunate things is to observe how the goverment and industry are often able to get away with framing the debate on their terms and around fragmented issues that are many times not even of primary importance in the big picture or the 4 principles mentioned above. So much time , money and resources has been wasted in this roundabout and inefficient process and debate .


I probably would add a 5th principle (which is more modern and recent) that the :

5. Food Production and Distribution, Handling and Packaging should be as non-polluting to the environment as possible.

6. Spiritual – I wonder if that term does not already “envelope ” the other 5 principles ? If we are coming from a place of win-win there will not be any need for harmful shortcuts in the first place ? A lot of this debate with the government would simply melt away if we all would try our best to do what is right with nobody and nothing left out ? Or maybe you mean a loftier and more metaphysical kind of spiritual like HELLA D’s great article last week on the “SACREDNESS OF MILK ” ? Given how few articles can be found on that kind of topic in Canada it does not seem to be a priority issue for most people ?

I don’t want to claim that I have invented these principles but when we have to endlessly debate specific details with bureaucracy or big business it would be helpful to keep these principles handy so that we don’t get sidetracked or frustrated or lost on tangential issues as is normally the case .

Consensus versus Action

Posted by biofield on December 30, 2011 at 11:00 AM

Posted on THE BOVINE Dec 29, 2011

By Raoul Bedi

Agreed: There is a time for seeking CONSENSUS and there is time for ACTION. But these do not have to be wholly and mutually exclusive terms. We can always seek a little consensus while doing and constructively start to act on our goals and dreams even while seeking consensus !

 But to spend too much time seeking consensus after a major course of action has been decided upon is a MISTAKE . Because what you are actually doing is weakening your own and the group energy’s resolve with the energy of DOUBT. Not a good idea ! There will always be doubters and backseat drivers no matter how right an idea is and how much the time has come to implement the idea . Best not to overfeed that energy or everybody will lose and NOTHING will be achieved .

Right Livelihood for All - Future of Food Security Work

Posted by biofield on December 28, 2011 at 11:55 PM

Posted on THE BOVINE

by Raoul Bedi

December 28, 2011

When I interviewed Joel Salatin as part of his VAncouver tour last March 2011 he said that this Food Security work will become really huge and in order for it to become big we will need the honest labour of thousands of not just farmers but ordinary people like labourers,distributors , nutritionists, marketers, media people,  photographers , clerical etc.

So I believe one of the next steps  should be  to increase and create multiple income streams by creating a not-for-profit corporation and a charitable organization so we can start to hire the best and most creative talented and humanitarian-minded people to help us do this work . We should not always automatically assume that talented people who wish to be involved have to do it for free . It is all a big CIRCLE . If we can not pay for someone's services then there needs to be a healthy consciousness of BARTER whether they are a farmer or a city person .

It is not just the farmers that need support. City people are human beings that need new income streams and sources of livelihood as well. We are in a time of transformation both social and economic . We need to develop newer ,greener and healthier attitudes toward food, money , labour , education, health care, transportation , government , law etc.

Cow Share Canada needs to always expand it scope and understanding. Right now we are only 0.1% of the population or less. We have to have ideals and philosophies that honestly serve the majority if we want to be really deserving of the majority's support.

New ING Bank $50 Referral Program by Dec.31,2011

Posted by biofield on December 28, 2011 at 6:55 PM

Dear Friends  : 

This humble little referral program just crossed my path on short notice . Friends can receive  up to $50 for about 15 minutes work signing on with this new bank by December 31, 2011 ($25 afterwards subject to change) . Details are below.  The bank is legit . I visited their head office today in Toronto and I asked the bank how they could afford to this ? What is their motive ?

                                 ING DIRECT HEADQUARTERS


                                 Photo by Raoul Bedi (Dec. 28,2011 ) in Toronto, Canada 

  They said that marketing costs some companies a third of their budget so paying the customer a small something  to initially join is actually cheaper than paying for advertising for new customers .

Skills required : Read or write English, familiar with internet use and internet banking and initial refundable seed capital of $100 (You can only apply once ) .

There are 4 main steps to sign up:

1. Call the free 800 number by December 31, 2011 to register . A live agent is there 24/7 except January 1. For more info their website address is : .

b) The phone number is : 1(888)464-3232 or 1-800- 464-3473 (24 hour hotline except January 1, 2012)

c) You may also fill the form in online if the wait time is too long on the phone . The link for the form is :

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Photo by Raoul Bedi (Wed.Dec.28,2011)

4. There are NO service charges and you can withdraw any or all of the money after receiving the bonus in your internet Investment Savings Account (ISA ) . They are not a conventional bank and only have 1 info kiosk in Toronto , Calgary, Montreal and Vancouver  but ABM's in a 5 or 6 additional Canadian cities .

Their interest rates are generous at 1.5% per annum.

b) You can only apply once but you may refer as many people as you like before 11:59PM on December 31,2011. They are closed on January 1, 2012.

5. If you have any remaining questions please feel free to contact me by e-mail [email protected] or phone 604-437-5683 (Vancouver )/ 647-932-2581 (Toronto, Ontario )  .

May 2012 be prosperous and happy for you !

Raoul Bedi

ING Orange Key ID # :

                                             ING Logo Moose

                                          Photo by Raoul Bedi (Dec.28, 2011 )

Appendix :

The info below is not relevant to your application. It is from and shows how big and reputable the company really is .

ING Direct Canada

ING's history in Canada goes back to 1997 when it founded ING Direct Canada. As recently as July 2011, ING Direct Canada had over 1.7 million clients, employed over 900 people and had over $37.6 billion in assets. ING Direct Canada has five 'Save Your Money Cafés' in the major cities of Toronto, Montréal, Calgary and Vancouver.[10]Its products include savings accounts, tax-free savings accounts (TFSAs), mortgages, retirement savings plans (RSPs), guaranteed investments (GICs), mutual funds, business accounts and a no-fee daily checking accounts.ING Direct Canada is a member of the Canadian Bankers Association(CBA) and registered member with the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC), a federal agency insuring deposits of all Canada's chartered banks. ING Direct Canada operates as Banking Institution #614, Transit #00152.[11]As of February 2009, ING Canada (the insurance arm) is no longer a subsidiary of ING Group. ING Group's 70% equity interest was spun off for $2.2 billion. The company (which has an 11% share of Canada's property and casualty insurance market) was then renamed Intact Financial Corporation in May 2009. ING Group still operates ING Bank of Canada, also known as ING Direct Canada.[12]

Other  ING Bank Info :

Institution #614

Transit # 00152

Appendix II - Actual Letter Offer

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Brainstorming Solutions Part 1

Posted by biofield on December 8, 2011 at 12:55 AM

December 7, 2011 at 2:49 pm

Here is my 2 cents worth : Let us not make things personal and let us not take things personally ! One more thing : A debate is not a duel ! We need to move beyond this old-fashioned idea that in order for me to be right I have to make your opinion wrong. And if I need to use any dirty method to achieve that so be it . Here is a third idea (and this one’s the most revolutionary ) : Tolerance and Coexistence. We are not arguing for one way or the other . We are arguing for tolerance of different paths . The Canadian government is one of the worst offenders on these mainstream issues whether it is vaccinations, raw milk, fluoride in water, chemical farming. Why are they only capable of offering and ,worse, enforcing a single-sided viewpoint ? One can not help but conclude that they are “Corporate Shills”. It just can not be a “coincidence” ? As a result of this imbalance we tend to go the “other extreme” to counter balance this obvious (to most of us ) injustice. Last idea (another revolutionary one ! ) . I believe that any 2 people with sincere motivations and intentions to be of service in society can “brainstorm” solutions right in the here and now . I do not believe there is any “time lag” or that we need a regulatory stamp or a credentialled PHd egomaniac , or some politician to brainstorm ideas. But it does require a certain change in consciousness or attitude. Since the 1930′s university students in North America have been trained to memorize textbooks and directives from their superiors and forgot how to brainstorm and think for themselves . If we move beyond preconceived notions and ideas we will be amazed to discover some amazing solutions right here and now in these innocent blog pages ! That does not mean it will not need finetuning and a lot of work or everything I say or do or think is perfect the first time ! So to reiterate I would like to seed and reseed this idea of “BRAINSTORMING” solutions and win-win situations for all parties. And this is only one small and humble format to initiate that process of change and transformation.