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On enabling change versus enforcing status quo in farm practices

Posted by biofield on May 2, 2014 at 7:15 PM

The only solution is the "polluter pays " principle here. Change the laws so whoever polluted the farmer's seed (with GMOs) or water supplies can be fined or easily sued. Those polluters will easily clean up their act in no time. Also don't provide massive subsidies any more to polluters of all kinds whether conventional farmers, fossil fuel business or chemical companies like Monsanto. In the big picture, organic farmers are the ones who should be receiving subsidies and rewards for acting as true earth stewards by their work of land restoration and soil preservation.


Cliff Metcalf : Raoul, the problem is that, in the big picture, what organics wants is irrelevant to government. When one large corporation sells more food in the U.S. than all organic produce combined, they really don't care what is good for organics. They only have a USDA Certified Organic program so that THEY have control of what organic is all about from a legal standpoint.


Raoul Bedi:  Yes , you are right .At the root of the problem, it is a fundamental question of philosophy (and consciousness ) here. Is our government's role to be enablers of constructive and green evolutionary change and growth ? Or is our goverment's role to be "enforcers and mafia hitmen" for the destructive status quo of mega-corporations and multi-nationals ? While I don't have much hope at the federal level in Canada or the US for the next decade, I do have confidence that municipalities and local governments are best suited to express these explosive and exciting new evolutionary potentials. The caveat is that each and every one of us will have to educate ourselves and become involved and , more importantly, actually become the change that we wish to see in our community.

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