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 Copper Pyramid Generators - NEW !!!



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 Large pyramid plate size currently available in white plastic only . 




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Miscellaneous Tools for Exploration

tegory G - Bioenergy Tools  


1. Pyramid Bioenergy Chip  



Suggested Retail : 

1. Single  pyramid chip  : $3.00 each

2. Set of 9 chips : $22.50

   - approximately 1 inch square 


3. Singe Large Size Plastic Pyramid Plate

    -  Dimensions 3 inches by 3 inches 

   Suggested Retail : $24.00  






3. Universal Dowsing Chart  by Raoul Bedi


         (Appended photo of Square Chart )



Retail Price :                   $10.00 plus tax

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Retail Price :  $10 plus tax

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  6. Law of Attraction Stickers

 By Raoul Bedi


@ 2008 Photo Copyright  Vedic Harmony Centre

 Retail Price :                $10.00

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Category H1: Spiritual Photography


 1. Rainbow Lightning Orbs ,Salmon Arm ,BC


    Retail Price : $10 plus HST (other sizes possible)

                             BUY NOW

2. Stone Labyrinthe, Johnson Landing , BC  


   Retail Price:            $10 plus HST

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Pyramid Bioenergy Chips

Since ancient times pyramids have been used as focal points of energy . Each 9 cm plastic square chip contains 9 tiny pyramids. It can be used as a coaster to energize healthy and not so healthy beverages. Do not put the coaster inside the drink ! One chip can also be kept in your purse or wallet for good luck . Be creative about how and where you use the pyramid chips .















    Dowsing Chart

This unique Universal Dowsing Chart allows the combination of  at least 13 different functions and possibly more depending on your creativity and understanding. As each individual has a favourite or "pet" healing or astrological or tarot or I Ching or other  system they are more comfortable to work with , this chart allows and adapts to the individual person and situation as and when needed. The chart is laminated for longer term use and is approximately 8 inches by 8 inches (20 cm by 20 cm ) .




This amazing chart combines significant analytical elements from Jyotish (Vedic Astrology), Ayurveda (Indian Energy Medicine) , Homeopathy, Chinese Medicine and Chakra Therapy and Radionics. Its purpose is to serve as a super timesaver for Healers and Professionals whether at home , in the office or on the road. It was developed in consultation with Dr.Bhattacharya, of India,  a world leading authority on Multidimensional Healing methods.

For individuals seeking training on its higher level uses a consultation fee applies.







 Product Description :

This non-reusable sticker kit includes 55 different high powered words, phrases or reminders for increasing good luck and good fortune in one's life . It includes such all-time favourites as :  CASH COW, ABUNDANCE , FOLLOW YOUR BLISS, GO WITH FLOW,  GRATITUDE, LOVE, MONEY MAGNET etc. A one page instruction sheet is included as well . Possible places for application include( but not limited to ) your cell phone , computer , phone, fridge or mirror.







  Product Description :

  1.Rainbow Lightning Orbs Photo :

8.0 inch by 10 inch Laminate colour Print

for $10 each plus tax. Orb over rainbow appears to have a smiling face ! The Lightning actually obscured a double Rainbow ! Taken on July 18, 2010 from the Prestige Inn in Salmon Arm.